FD18 Freeze Dryer

FD18 Freeze Drier

The FD18 general purpose freeze dry machine was designed after consideration of the factors necessary for food freeze-drying techniques. This freeze dry machine is capable of drying a variety of biologicals, blood, plasma and pharmaceutical products.

Cuddon FD18 Specification:

Chamber – Over all dimensions 1.73m long x 1.06m wide x 1.61m high (AISI 304 S/S)
Vapour Condenser Capacity 18 kg in a 24hr period
Number of shelves 5 heat plates (1 Module)
Usable Shelf Area (m2) 1.8m2
Ice Capacity (kg) 18 kg
Shelf Dimensions 380mm (w) x 1220mm (d)
Shelf Spacing (mm) 35mm
Shelf Temperature -20oC to +70oC
Low temperature model: shelf freezing to -35oC and vapour condenser temperature -55oC
Shelf Cooling Rate (+40oC to –20oC) (Min)  ≥60
Shelf Heating Rate (oC / Min) (approx.) 1
Product Trays S/S 2B finish – 8 per set (2 sets supplied)
370mm (w) x 610mm (d)
Energy consumption ( based on 18kg of ice over 24hr period) 2 kWh / kg of wet product2.2 kWh / kg of wet product if air cool condenser is used
Heating / Cooling medium Glycol
Power Requirement 4kW, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase or 3 phase
Weight 1000kg

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