FD1500 Freeze Dryer

FD1500 Freeze Dryer

Cuddon Freeze Dryer FD1500

The FD1500 Freeze Dryer is the largest of our industrial freeze dryers and has a 1,500kg ice capacity, a 137m2 shelf area and doors at both ends, both with observation ports. This industrial freeze dryer is ideal for large-scale commercial freeze drying applications.

Cuddon FD1500 Specification:

Chamber – Over all dimensions 7.15m long x 2.79m wide x 2.47m high (AISI 304 S/S)
Vapour Condenser Capacity 1500 kg in a 24hr period
Number of shelves 16 heat plates (6 Modules) (15 useable)
Usable Shelf Area (m2) 137 m2
Ice Capacity (kg) 1500 kg
Shelf Dimensions (Depth is 1025mm) 1500mm
Shelf Spacing (mm) 35mm
Shelf Temperature -20oC to +70oC
Low temperature model: shelf freezing to -35oC and vapour condenser temperature -55oC
Shelf Cooling Rate (+40oC to –20oC) (Min)  ≤60
Shelf Heating Rate (oC / Min) (approx.) 1
Product Trays S/S 2B finish – 270 per set (2 sets supplied)
Energy consumption ( based on 1500kg of ice over 24hr period) 2 kWh / kg of wet product
2.2 kWh / kg of wet product if air cool condenser is used
Heating / Cooling medium Glycol
Power Requirement 230kW, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 -phase
Weight (unloaded) 20,400kg

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